Friday, July 20, 2012

Canon Ixus 1100HS, Canon Ixus 230HS and Canon Powershot SX150IS Camera

Ixus 1100HS
This is the first Ixus camera equipped with 12x zoom lens. With thickness just 22mm, making it currently the thinnest camera with 12x zoom. This phenomenal lens has angle-view equivalent to 28-336mm and equipped with Intelligent Stabilizer. This feature automatically selects the best type of IS that match the shooting conditions. For example, the camera can activate panning mode automatically, or even turn off the IS when this camera detects the use of a tripod.

Another feature which is owned by Ixus 1100HS is 3.2-inch wide touch screen high-resolution, 12 megapixel sensor type HS, full HD (1920x1080p) video recording, and continuous shooting up to 7 fps. This camera can also record slow motion video up to 240 fps. This feature makes Ixus 1100HS as today's most sophisticated Ixus camera.
Ixus 1100HS

Ixus 230HS
The camera is also has same sensor with Ixus 1100HS above, but with more minimal features. Ixus 230HS "only" has 8x zoom lens, equivalent to 28-224mm. The camera screen is also not a touch screen type, but normal 3.0-inch LCD screen. However, Ixus 230HS has slightly faster continuous shooting capability, that is up to 8 fps. This camera can also record video Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution.
Ixus 230HS

Powershot SX150IS
This camera is successor of SX120IS, most popular Powershot today. Both feature differences are minimal, differing only in sensor and Intelligent IS. SX150IS sensor has 14 megapixels resolution, 2 pixels higher from previous MP. The rest did not differ, those are 12x zoom lens, 3-inch LCD, manual shooting mode, single AA battery, and HD video recording (1280x720p).
Powershot SX120IS
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