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Nikon D4, DSLR Camera for Professional

Nikon D4 is professional DSLR camera with FX format and 16.6 MP full frame sensor. This successor of Nikon D3 camera seems to further highlight its video ability, because there are no many photography features that need to be revised. Shutter unit of Nikon D4 has proven capable of use up to 400 thousand times for photograph.

As the flagship of Nikon cameras, D4 has sturdy body wrapped in magnesium alloy and weather sealed, even it is shielded from electromagnetic interference. Thanks to its speed, D4 is suitable for sports journalists, but landscape photograph enthusiasts will probably feel that D4 has less high-resolution sensor.

Nikon D4 Main Features:
  • 16 MP Full frame CMOS sensor
  • 10fps burst capability with AF
  • Metering module, white balance, flash exposure, face detection and active d-lighting with 91 000 pixels
  • ISO 100-12.800 (can be widened to 50-204.800)
  • Multicam 3500FX autofocus module with 51 points (15 of them are cross type)
  • Two joysticks and shutter button for vertical and horizontal shooting
  • MPEG-4, H.264 HD 1080p, video with bitrate up to 24Mbps
  • EN-EL18 battery (21.6Wh)
  • Two memory slots,  (CD and XQD)
  • EXPEED processor 3
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Samsung NX200, Awesome Camera

Samsung NX200 camera is the third generation of Samsung mirrorless camera. This camera is updated from outside and inside. Even the lens is new. And, the image result is incredible.

Although NX200 structure differ greatly from its predecessor, NX100, but the concept remains the same. NX200 is compact camera equipped with interchangeable lens and relatively large APS-C sensor. NX100 has 20-50mm lens that is less attractive. NX200 is now equipped with new 18-55mm lens. 18-55 lens is different from the previous as it is equipped with i-Function. Through this lens button, users can access the shooting parameter.

The big change at the top of the camera is the location of the power lever, now it is located around the shutter button. Moreover, in this section users can find stereo mic, hotshoe, speakers, scroll dial, and dial mode.
While in the back, the big change is in the scroll dial around the four directions button. With this change, it means NX200 includes two scroll dial like a DSLR. NX200 also features dedicated video recording button, so users can start recording video at any time.

NX200 has a slim body. However, in contrast with 20-50mm lens, 18-55mm lens on NX200 is large enough, especially when the lens is at the longest zoom position. And, the size of the camera will be larger if the lens hood attached.
Viewfinder display in the camera is quite informative. Users can change various parameters via dedicated button on the back of the camera. If user want to change the settings which don't have dedicated button, they can probably find it in the display function.

Unfortunately, the video performance of NX200 can not match the performance of its image result. While resulting excellent video at enought light, but its performance suddenly decreased following reduced levels of lighting. In EV4, the video quality is below expectations, while at EV2 video images are hard to watch.

As a whole. This camera has a good ergonomic shape, as well as its layout menu and features, the quality of the lens, and the picture is also very good. Undeniable, that the NX200 is the Samsung best camera at this time.

Samsung NX200 Specifications:
  • New CMOS sensor 20.3 megapixel resolution which is developed by Samsung.
  • Supports all Samsung NX lens, 1.5 x crop factor.
  • New body design with metal material.
  • 3-inch AMOLED display 614.000 pixel resolution
  • ISO 100-12800.
  • No built-in flash, but marketed by mini flash hotshoe which can be attached in. NX200 Hotshoe is a universal type.
  • Continuous shot mode up to 7 frames per second.
  • Panorama Mode.
  • 10 "Smart Filter" and 13 "Magic Frame".
  • Video recording Full HD 1920 x 1080 (30 fps) with stereo audio.
  • SD / SDHC / SDXC card slot.
  • Optional GPS module.
  • HDMI output.
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Canon Ixus 310HS, Best Touch Screen Camera from Canon

HS system from Canon, which means High Sensitivity, consists of three components, those are CMOS sensor back illuminated, wide aperture lens (f/2.0), and advanced DIGIC porcessor. This system proved reliable in Canon S95, producing extraordinary photographs in low light conditions. Now, the same system is present on Ixus 310HS. All proven components are presented in this camera. In fact, Ixus 310HS has many advantages compared to S95, such as touch screen and Full HD video recording capabilities.

It has just 4.4 x zoom lens, slightly shorter than the Ixus in general. Around the lens there is flash, AF assist lamp, and two stereo mic.
Ixus 310 HS also ewuipped with HDMI port to connect the camera with HD television. And, also available combo port USB / AV Out to connects the camera with computer or non-HD television.

Ixus 310HS is equipped with 4.4 x zoom lens, equivalent to 24-106mm. On the shortest zoom, the view-angle is wide enough for most needs. 4.4 x zoom range is quite good, but this camera can not be fitted with Ixus 5x zoom lens as other Ixus. The Ixus 310HS zom lens is very sharp.

There is 3.2-inch touch screen on this incredible slim camera. All features are accessible via the touch screen. The touch screen on 310HS is a resistive type. Even so, the screen is very responsive, no different with capacitive touch screen.

IXUS 310HS has also ability to record Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels).

Canon Ixus 310HS Specifications:

  • 12.1 megapixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • 4.4 x f/2.0-5.8 zoom lens, equivalent to 24-105.6 mm
  • Vibration damper on the lens, with dynamic IS for film recording
  • 3.2-inch touch screen 461 000 pixel resolution
  • Smart AUTO and Manual Exposure modes available
  • Video recording Full HD 1920 x 1080 (24 fps) with stereo audio
  • The optical zoom can be used when recording video
  • HDMI output

Samsung PL210, 10x Zoom Slim Camera

Samsung PL210 is quite prominent among the competitors in its class because it has high zoom capability.

Samsung PL210 is equipped with AF assist light which will help the AF performance in dark places. Another unique thing is the absence of image stabilizer marker on the lens.
At the widest zoom position, Samsung PL210 includes angle of view equivalent to 27mm. The lens is quite sharp on the longest and the shortest zoom position, and its digital zoom is also quite good.

In terms of menu, Samsung PL210 has the best menu of the Samsung camera. Its layout is clear and easy to understand, size of the text fits at its place, and also with intuitive navigation.
As in most Samsung cameras, PL210 has Smart Filter 2.0 feature that offers interesting effects to your photos.

Samsung PL210 has level of detail which is slightly lower than 14 megapixel cameras in general. But fortunately, its noise pretty good. Up to ISO 400, the level of detail is almost the same as ISO 80, although there is little noise. At ISO 800, the details have started to decline. At ISO 1600, the level of detail dropped drastically, and at ISO 3200 the noise is out of control.

Features offered by this camera is really useful, such as 10x zoom lens with image stabilizer, HD video recording, and lithium batteries.

Samsung PL210 Specifications:
  • 14 Megapixel CCD Sensor
  • 10x lens zoom, equivalent to 27-270 mm
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Ultra-compact body
  • 3-inch LCD with 230.000 pixels
  • Video recording at 1280 x 720 (30 fps) with sound
  • Smart Auto mode for photos and video
  •  Face detection / recognition, skin retouching, blink and smile detection
  •  A wide selection of special effects with Smart Filter 2.0 function
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Canon PowerShot SX40 HS and Canon PowerShot S100, 12.1 MP and DIGIC 5 Camera

Both compact camera are equipped with CMOS sensor 12.1 megapixel resolution and DIGIC 5 processor. And, they have own adventages. PowerShot SX40 HS complete the series of Canon superzoom camera with up to 35x zoom capability and PowerShot S100 is intended for compact camera fans. Here are the specifications of each camera.

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS

This superzoom camera is equipped with Ultrasonic and Voice Coil motors that support the speed and silence at zooming and taking  picture process. It is equipped with equivalent to 24-840mm lens, added with Intelligent IS technology, enabling users to take high quality photos, even from a distance. DIGIC processor 5, which embedded in the camera increases the shooting speed up to 10 images per second.

PowerShot SX40 HS is equipped with manual control and variety of filter models that allow users to be creative, such as fish-eye effect, super vivid, poster, miniature, and toy camera. In addition to produce high-quality photos, this camera supports 1080p HD video recording at 24fps which utilizes Intelligent Image Stabilizer technology to produce crystal clear video quality.
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS


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Canon PowerShot S100
Equipped with DIGIC 5 processor, ISO level up to 6400, and f/2.0 maximum aperture, this Canon pocket camera can produce the best image quality in the worst lighting conditions. 24mm lens which has ability up to 5x zoom, plus Intelligent Image Stabilizer technology ensures the images clarity and high video quality.

For those users who enjoy traveling, this camera not only offers compact design and easy to carry anywhere. GPS feature offers the ability to record time and place of an image, and it can be retrieved via Map Utility software that is integrated with Google Maps. In addition, this camera also provides 1080p HD video recording capabilities at 24fps.
Canon PowerShot S100

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Canon Ixus 1100HS, Canon Ixus 230HS and Canon Powershot SX150IS Camera

Ixus 1100HS
This is the first Ixus camera equipped with 12x zoom lens. With thickness just 22mm, making it currently the thinnest camera with 12x zoom. This phenomenal lens has angle-view equivalent to 28-336mm and equipped with Intelligent Stabilizer. This feature automatically selects the best type of IS that match the shooting conditions. For example, the camera can activate panning mode automatically, or even turn off the IS when this camera detects the use of a tripod.

Another feature which is owned by Ixus 1100HS is 3.2-inch wide touch screen high-resolution, 12 megapixel sensor type HS, full HD (1920x1080p) video recording, and continuous shooting up to 7 fps. This camera can also record slow motion video up to 240 fps. This feature makes Ixus 1100HS as today's most sophisticated Ixus camera.
Ixus 1100HS

Ixus 230HS
The camera is also has same sensor with Ixus 1100HS above, but with more minimal features. Ixus 230HS "only" has 8x zoom lens, equivalent to 28-224mm. The camera screen is also not a touch screen type, but normal 3.0-inch LCD screen. However, Ixus 230HS has slightly faster continuous shooting capability, that is up to 8 fps. This camera can also record video Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution.
Ixus 230HS

Powershot SX150IS
This camera is successor of SX120IS, most popular Powershot today. Both feature differences are minimal, differing only in sensor and Intelligent IS. SX150IS sensor has 14 megapixels resolution, 2 pixels higher from previous MP. The rest did not differ, those are 12x zoom lens, 3-inch LCD, manual shooting mode, single AA battery, and HD video recording (1280x720p).
Powershot SX120IS
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Samsung DV300F, Dual View Camera with WiFi

Samsung DV300F is equipped with Dual-View LCD feature and WiFi compatible, allows the users to capture and upload photos in an instant.

Ease Upload Photos with WiFi

Samsung DV300F has 16 MP resolution with 5x optical zoom and 25mm wide-angle lens. This camera is also as first Dual-View camear from Samsung which equipped with WiFi compatible.

Compatible with WiFi capability that exist on this camera allows users to upload images to the virtual world, such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube.

Additionally, photos stored with microSD memory on this camera can also be saved directly to the users home PC, because it is equipped with wireless or cloud-based storage services such as Microsoft SkyDrive.

Dual-Mode View LCD
1.5-inch Dual-View LCD feature in front of this camera lets the users to shoot self-portait, without having wrong position.

If the users set Child Mode on the camera, then the screen can play an animation, so when they take pictures of their children, their eyes will focus on the camera.

Samsung DV300F is available in black , silver, red and navy.

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